Stuck in a Subluxation

Getting stuck in a rut is an inconvenient thing.  Without adequate traction, you end up spinning your wheels in a muddy trench, going nowhere fast until someone tows you into the clear. When your Nerve System gets stuck in a rut, Chiropractors refer to it as being subluxated.  Like spinning your wheels, when you're in [...]

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Diagnose and Diagnose-er

The word diagnosis derives from the Latin 'di' which means two, and 'agnosis' which means without knowledge. So you can say a diagnosis is a meeting of two minds that don't have a clue about what's going on - not very comforting if it's a team of doctors trying to figure out what's wrong with you! A recent study in the Journal [...]

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Subluxated On the Line

A productive assembly line relies on precise timing, combined effort and coordinated team work. If one worker falls asleep on the job, the others are forced to pick up the slack. If left mismanaged, the remaining workers eventually tire and wear out - causing the whole machine to break down. Individual vertebrae have similar mechanical [...]

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A Dime’s Worth of Damage

The weight of a dime, 8-10 mm of Hg, that's all it takes to drain normal nerve transmission to a trickle. Stretching a nerve by as little as 6% can also decrease it's signal strength by 70%. So what does that mean for you? Your Nerve System transmits the data of Life. Depending on role, thickness and sheath [...]

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“If You Dropped a Brick…”

Question: If you drop a heavy brick on your foot, what’s the first thing you need to do to start the healing? Answer:  Get the brick off your foot!  Sounds simple,but it’s true. Your foot CAN'T heal until the offending pressure is removed first. The same principle applies to your Chiropractic care. A misaligned vertebrae (Subluxation) [...]

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Restore Nerve Flow

A man turns on his tap, only to discover no water is coming out. He calls his neighbor, a medical doctor, who knows a little about plumbing. The MD turns the tap on and off a few times and also experiences no water flow. He then whips out a prescription pad and writes orders for daily delivery [...]

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Put It Out Yourself…

You wouldn’t call the fire department to blow out a candle, or an electrician to change a light bulb. Those are simple tasks you can handle on your own. Yet every day, people call on a specialist or expert for healing a problem their ‘doctor on the inside’ could easily take care of. Maybe it's lack of [...]

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The Link Between Infertility and Chiropractic Care

The link between infertility and chiropractic care can give a couple who wants to have a child the hope they need. Research shows that infertile women may be able to benefit from chiropractic care because the spinal adjustments made by the specific chiropractor ensures a "good connection." It is vitally important that key nerves communicating with [...]

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How Chiropractic Can Help Treat Pelvic Crossed Syndrome

One of the most frequent causes of lower back pain is, interestingly enough, due to common bad posture habits. When individuals sit for long periods of time, often hunched over (for example, to view a computer screen), they unconsciously tighten their hip muscles and simultaneously relax or “turn off” their [...]

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