Riding A Crooked Spine

If you've ever crashed your bicycle and twisted the handle bars out of whack, you probably got up, stabilized the front tire between your knees and muscled the frame back into alignment before hopping on again.  Everyone knows riding a bike with crooked steering could put you at risk for another spill down the road. [...]

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Houston, We Have a Subluxation

The brain stem is the most important, central command center of your body (like Houston control).  Located at the base of your brain and extending into your upper cervical spine, it serves as the crossing point for trillions of nerve fibers that carry the data of life from your brain, to your body. If the [...]

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Pharmaceutical False Start

Spike a fever – run for some Tylenol. Get an ear infection – dash for an antibiotic. Big Pharma wants us to race for a drug every time a symptom or illness challenges us. But is it better to let your body run its own race without interference from the drug companies? Research reported in [...]

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Squat Like A Toddler

If you ever want to observe perfect biomechanics, watch a toddler pick up a toy from the floor. You'll never see them bending over, moaning in agony like an old man. They drop their hips, maintain a perfect center of gravity while lowering themselves, then pop right back up with the ease of an Olympic lifter. Interestingly [...]

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Don’t Let the Needle Get to E

I'm forever reminding my spouse (with total love of course), '...honey, don't let the gas gauge get to E.  Fill up when it hits a quarter left because you don't want to run out of fuel when you need it the most - like when on the highway with a car full of kids. Likewise, [...]

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Don’t Try This at Home

Chiropractors often get this question from patients:  '"…is it OK to 'adjust' your own spine?" (usually asked after seeing a friend or family member crank their neck from side to side, trying to get it to pop).  Well, the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. Just considering the subluxation analysis, palpation skill, radiographic interpretation, instrumentation reading, line [...]

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Adjusting the Brown Spots

You're proud of your lawn. You water it, feed it on schedule and try to keep the neighborhood kids off of it. But you missed a few spots with the fertilizer spreader and now dull, brown patches where the grass was STARVED of potential growth energy begin to show.  A similar situation can happen inside [...]

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Hammering a Subluxation

If you hit your thumb with a hammer, with a little TLC and time, it will heal.  But if you insist on hitting that same thumb over and over again, despite the best therapeutic efforts, the healing won't 'take' because of the repeating trauma. Likewise, it's common for patients to have recurring vertebral subluxations (mis-alignment [...]

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Back to Factory Settings

Have you ever had to factory reset an electronic device that went haywire?  You can usually hit a 'restore' button to get it running like it did out of the box.  If you've ever felt like your body could use a 'factory reset,' there's a profession dedicated for that exact purpose. Our bodies are bombarded [...]

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