Brain Size Can Determine Whether Migraines Occur

Migraines are difficult to endure and cause many to search frantically for answers for the pain they experience. A number of studies have suggested the size of a person’s brain governs whether or not he experiences migraines at all. The study reported on in Neurology magazine noted if a person’s brain is small, he is [...]

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Habits that May be Increasing Fatigue

Sometimes people are doing things that they think will make them feel better but are actually making them feel more tired. Let’s look at a few of them mentioned in a recent article from the Huffington Post. Clutter: Having too much stuff around one’s workspace or home can make a person feel more fatigued affecting [...]

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Sooley Chiropractic Health Center – Addressing Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) can negatively affect the quality of a person’s life as well as his or her state of mind. It is known for such symptoms as: Extreme exhaustion that is not improved with rest Muscle pain Problems with concentration and memory Tiredness after mental or physical exertion that lasts over 24 hours [...]

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Fibromyalgia Basics – Knowledge Is the Key to Finding Relief

When a person receives a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, it is usually after months of testing and the frustration of pain that just won’t go away. Symptom flare-ups can leave a person debilitated for weeks at a time. And many prescription medications that are provided for fibromyalgia sufferers produce disappointing results and cause numerous unwanted [...]

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Garbage in Your Nerve System

What would happen if your garbage didn’t get picked up for a few weeks? Your house would get pretty stinky wouldn't it? The same can be said for you, if your Nerve System garbage isn't dumped regularly too. Physical, chemical and emotional stresses that accumulate in your Nerve System are called Subluxations (Chiropractic term for [...]

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There’s No Cramming in Chiropractic…

Remember the days of pulling an 'all nighter' for a major exam - trying to cram an entire semester's worth of work in one, non-stop studying marathon?  Well, you can't get away with that when it comes to your Health and Chiropractic. There are some who wish they could simply go to the Chiropractor and [...]

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Chiro-Fool’s Day

In a landmark decision, the Chiropractic profession has chosen to abandon its tradition of drugless healthcare in favor of a failing, yet mainstream model used throughout the United States today. Chiropractoids around the globe now acknowledge patients do not possess an innate intelligence, capable of orchestrating all functions of Life - and that this intelligence [...]

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