Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Danville

Dr. Sooley is committed to helping families and individuals in the community experience optimal health and vitality. He has spoken to local schools, businesses, and organizations on health, wellness, and safety topics and has helped thousands of patients experience a better quality of life through his unique brand of health care skills. Dr. Sooley specializes in preventative lifestyle coaching as well as family wellness and pediatric care. Having a father (now 95+ years old) who is also a chiropractor gave him the opportunity to grow up in a health-conscious environment. Receiving chiropractic care from an early age has translated into a symptom-free, medicine-free life, and his wife and children are enjoying the same benefits. His goal is to restore and maintain the health of the Danville area community through education and competent, compassionate care.

Meet Our Team

Jennifer S.

Jennifer joined our team in 2012 with 13 years experience in elementary education. Her educational attainments include a B.A. degree from Purdue, an M.A. degree from Indiana Wesleyan, and certifications in radiology tech (spine) and Irlen screening. Her experience as a former elementary school teacher and her love for others make her a perfect fit to educate our patients and the community at large on chiropractic health care matters. Though under general chiropractic care the majority of her life for pain management, she experienced major changes in the health of her own body and witnessed the same in her children upon learning about and utilizing upper cervical chiropractic health care. Jennifer said, “I get so energized witnessing the huge improvements our patients experience on a daily basis, but the best part for me is watching our youngest patients grow strong and healthy from day one.”

Tami S.

Tami is a lifetime resident of the Danville area, but most definitively identifies as a Hoosier. She has been the familiar, calming voice at the front desk of Sooley Chiropractic Health Center for most of her career since her start date in September 2002. Tami is familiar with nearly every aspect of running the office including how to interpret Dr Sooley’s “chicken scratch” handwriting. She enjoys helping patients get the care they need through financing options and handling insurance claims as well as scheduling both new and returning patients. Her famous smile makes just about everyone feel welcome every day, every time. Tami said, “I love seeing lives changed and patients excited about the improvements in their health and ability to function.”