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Time To Get In Gear

When you turn your neck or twist your back does your spine snap, grind and ratchet like a bicycle chain stuck in mid gear? That grating noise could mean something's out of alignment. Your spine is made up of movable bones called vertebrae, each joined perfectly together like the links of a bicycle chain. If one [...]

How Chiropractic Helps Those Suffering With Hyperlordosis

Our spine is normally curved in order to reduce shock and distribute weight evenly along the length of the back. However, in hyperlordosis (sometimes simply called lordosis and commonly known as swayback) the natural lordotic curves in the spine become overly pronounced causing pain and sometimes spasms in the lower back muscles. […]

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Backpack Pain in Children

Children are experiencing more back, shoulder, and neck pain sooner in life than the U.S. has ever experienced. The backpack your child carries may be the problem. Long-Term Effects Some chiropractors say that 75% to 80% of teenagers they treat experience problems related to backpacks. With millions of children carrying backpacks in the U.S., doctors [...]

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