If you or someone you know lives with arthritis, keep in mind that this it isn’t the end to an active lifestyle. Today, healthcare professionals are aware of exercises, nutrition, and effective treatments to ease arthritis pain. Consider a chiropractor, not only for relieving pain, but for helping you continue to live an active lifestyle.

Arthritis and its Effects

Arthritis is a term that refers to inflammation in joints and other parts of the body. As a result, this inflammation leads to over 100 rheumatic diseases including fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis. These diseases effect bones, muscles, joints, cartilage, and other connective tissues. About 22% of adults in the U.S. report arthritis with symptoms of pain, stiffness, swelling, and loss of joint function.

The symptoms of arthritis are severe, painful, and debilitating, effecting everyday tasks such as buttoning a shirt, opening a package, or mobility. In 1999, The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons issued a bulletin which ranked arthritis as the most frequent cause for limiting activity. Today, the CDC estimates 21 million Americans are disabled in some form by arthritis. Arthritis strategies need to move beyond simply relieving pain to be successful.

How a Chiropractor Can Help

If you suffer from arthritis, a chiropractor can help you manage your pain in the long-term in two ways:

1. A chiropractor can design an effective exercise program based on your needs. An exercise program focuses on restoring any lost range of joint motion, improving endurance and flexibility, and increasing muscle strength. Because inactivity may cause joints to become more stiff, an exercise program designed by a chiropractor can help.

2. A chiropractor can suggest changes in the diet as well as nutritional supplements to manage joint inflammation. Since certain foods may play a part in suppressing your body’s natural response to inflammation, adjustments to the diet can bring relief to osteoarthritis.
A chiropractor will help you in exercise and nutrition programs and suggest the correct adjustments based on progress.

The Importance of Communication

Certain types of physical activity and dietary supplements may cause more harm, depending on the type of arthritis you may have. Communicating with your chiropractor about what seems to be working and what does not is essential to achieving successful results. Consult your healthcare professional for a diagnosis on your specific type of arthritis so you can find the right treatment plan for you.