Have you ever had to factory reset an electronic device that went haywire?  You can usually hit a ‘restore’ button to get it running like it did out of the box.  If you’ve ever felt like your body could use a ‘factory reset,’ there’s a profession dedicated for that exact purpose.

Our bodies are bombarded with daily stress. Urgent work deadlines, unexpected family crisis or any inconvenient change in your routine are unsolicited stresses that can throw the balance of your nerve system off. The result – your body slows down, runs sluggish and can even “freeze up” with an illness. A Chiropractic adjustment is like hitting the reset button to restore your physiologic functions back to the Creator’s factory settings after a stress insult.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, maybe it’s time for a good adjustment to reset your nerve system back to its default health and vitality settings. Clearing nasty Subluxations from your spine will get you running ‘out of the box’ new again.

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