This is the third in a series of timely tips for the upcoming start of school year. In the last post, I focused on eating breakfast with your students every school day. In this post, I will focus on your child’s most important nutrient: water! Yes, there are many changes that should be fostered in the “Standard American Diet.” (SAD). For most, it is wise to start making changes ONE THING AT A TIME. It’s impossible to focus on everything…that’s a contradiction. It also is well-known that it takes a minimum of 21 days to form a good habit. Replacing sugary drinks at breakfast. Though, orange juice can be nourishing it contains twice as much sugar in an 8 oz serving (24g) then a glass of rice or cow’s milk. It is far better to eat an entire orange because the pulp and fiber help slow the absorption of sugar. A small amount of diluted juice or water and a piece of fruit is a better breakfast meal plan. Sending along a water bottle instead of a juicebox or soda is also good. How about a healthy after-school snack with a big glass of water? Here is a good way to look at sugar content of different beverages. Over time, your children will form this important habit of drinking more water, and I trust that parents will catch on, too.