It’s not uncommon for folks to ‘tail off’ Chiropractic care as soon as the pain is gone, only to return months down the road wondering what they did to bring it back.  In most cases it’s not what they did that caused the problem to come back – it’s what they stopped doing that did.

Once you get healthy, it’s easy to forget to continue doing the things that made you well in the first place.  How many times have you improved your diet and lost weight only to abandon those good eating habits once you reached your goal – and regain the fat.  The same goes for keeping your spine healthy with regular chiropractic care.  It’s easy to forget the impact of having a clear nerve system has on your overall health when the pain is gone and your vitality has returned.  But if you stay out of care too long (living in a sustained, subluxated state) re-occurrence of your problem will likely be due to omission rather than commission.

When your old aches and pains resurface, instead of trying to figure out what you did to cause the exacerbation, recall what you were doing that helped get you over them in the first place – hopefully you’ll remember just how great your body worked and felt when you were getting adjusted regularly.

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