“How do you feel today?”

Though this is a valid question and a great reason to utilize chiropractic care, the real question that one should ask is “How are you functioning today?” As discussed in the last post, “health care” is truly about getting back to the fundamentals of proper body function. Fortunately, these are NOT mutually exclusive! IF your body is functioning properly, than you have a great chance at feeling your very best.

There are many cases in which a patient will start chiropractic care in much pain and partial disability. Occasionally, there will be an immediate and dramatic improvement in their pain and other symptoms. These “chiropractic miracles” might conclude that they are “cured” on the spot. However, ONLY our own body can heal itself. Yes, we’ve found the CAUSE of the problem, and now the RIGHT SOLUTION is being applied to remedy the problem. However, complete healing takes time and appropriate effort in the correct direction.