I’m starting a series entitled “Dangerous Thoughts About Your Health.” So, what is the five most dangerous words in the English language? MAYBE IT WILL GO AWAY. Nearly every time I suggest this as a typical thought pattern, patients will smile or nod in acknowledgment. Of course, the reason is that most patients do think that about their health problems in this way. And the reason is quite simple: as a society, we’ve been led to believe that our problem is the symptom, and been sold a pill/potion/lotion for whatever ails us to mask those symptoms.

How much better to allow common sense and reality to set it. The health problem is, in fact, what is CAUSING the symptoms. Symptoms will often disappear and re-appear, and new (seemingly irrelevant) symptoms may soon appear. Until you decide to discover and address the cause of the problem, your health will be impacted and more importantly, the condition will progress. The bottom line is that denial never helps one bit!

So, are you willing to take the chance? Or, is this the day that you will determine to get the cause addressed?