What are the five (5) most dangerous words in the world?

Not more than a week or two goes by without a new patient uttering the following: Doc, I “thought it would go away.” This is usually followed by “It won’t go away” or “It keeps getting worse.”

Common sense and reality dictates that something only really GOES AWAY when WHAT IS CAUSING IT goes away. Sure, many have had enough experience with a particular problem that has been plaguing them, off and on, for years. Often, without even realizing it, their problems are gradually worsening and their activities, hobbies, and personal relationships are being affected more and more. Almost as common is to hear a patient who has experienced the immense benefits of chiropractic care say the following, “I sure wish I had known about chiropractic care YEARS ago!

As conditions of the spine continue to progress, the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment may start to decline. Some have been told after years of “dealing with it” that they have a permanent disability, and no longer qualify for treatment. At this point, their options are extremely limited and involve expensive and risky measures. This is a sad reality, and one that can be easily avoided. Simply find a well-qualified chiropractor to evaluate the condition of your spine and give you the facts. Once you know all the facts, you are in a position to make a decision about your health and future.