I was talking with a patient in the office last week. She told me about what great results she was getting and how thrilled she was to finally have found the answer to her health problems. Then, she told me about her son and how he would really like to be getting the same type of help. Alas, but his insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic care. I asked her about his problem, and she told me that it was severe enough that he was concerned about missing work. I thought to myself…what a shame that this young man in distress has made this type of choice. So, what do you think? Does your insurance cover your gym membership? Organic foods? Bottled water? All these items enhance your health, yet rarely does insurance cover it. Does that make it any less valuable? Yes, Chiropractic health care is much more important for your overall health..but what does insurance coverage have to do with what it truly best for your health?