The brain stem is the most important, central command center of your body (like Houston control).  Located at the base of your brain and extending into your upper cervical spine, it serves as the crossing point for trillions of nerve fibers that carry the data of life from your brain, to your body.

If the brain stem is Houston Control, then the atlas (C1) and axis (C2) bones are perimeter gates that surround it, acting as guardians when normally positioned and a major source of trouble if they ‘slip out of orbit’ (aka a Subluxation).  Since all impulses of life come from the brain stem, Chiropractors recognize that any sustained pressure on this area from misalignment of the axis and/or atlas can lead to myriad of dysfunctions in your body.

ATLAS ORTHOGONAL (AO) adjustments performed by Dr Sooley focus specifically on the relationship between upper cervical alignment and the restoration of health.  Thousands of people have regained their vitality and their lives in our office after receiving a simple, safe and painless upper cervical adjustment that corrected the alignment of C1/C2 and eased suppressive tension on the brain stem.  If you want more health, make sure your Houston Control is clear – before you have a problem.

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