If you have lower back pain associated with pregnancy, you may have heard success stories from other women about chiropractic relief. Research has shown that visits to a chiropractor is both a safe and effective way to treat back pain that derives from pregnancy. Consider a chiropractic evaluation and treatment to get the relief you need. Read below for a summary of recent findings:

  • Chiropractic treatment is safe during pregnancy.
  • Chiropractic treatment aids lower back pain and other common musculoskeletal problems during pregnancy.
  • Many women have experienced success from chiropractic treatment, and medical journals are beginning to take notice and publish their stories.
  • More research is still needed to teach obstetricians and primary care physicians about chiropractic care while pregnant.

Lower back pain is common among pregnant women. Below are a few statistics about women who experience this pain and have been treated.

  • About 57% to 69% of pregnant women experience lower back pain.
  • Of that percentage, only 32% of women report their back pain symptoms to their doctor.
  • Only about 25% of primary doctors recommend that patients seek treatment for lower back pain.

As these statistics show, about 2 in 3 pregnant women experience back pain. Additionally, women are not discussing their lower back pain with their primary care physicians and obstetricians. In turn, health care professionals are not referring their suffering patients to pregnancy chiropractic treatment.

Pregnancy chiropractic treatments can be effective within just a few visits to the chiropractor. In a small study with 17 women, it was found that:

  • 16 of the 17 women, or 94%, reported improvements in their lower back pain with pregnancy chiropractic care.
  • On a pain scale of 0 to 10, women claimed that their pain levels decreased from 5.9 to 1.5.
  • Pain relief was reported from an average of 1.8 visits and 4.5 days of chiropractic care.

Consider pregnancy chiropractic care for a quick relief from lower back pain. If you are pregnant and are experiencing lower back pain, schedule a consultation with a chiropractor to answer your questions and see how techniques are adjusted for pregnant patients.