This is Part 2 of a series entitled, “Dangerous Thoughts About Your Health.”  In consultation, new patients occasionally inform me that they already know what the problem is. Then they tell me about some particular movements or cite certain daily activities at work or at home that brings about their pain. Sometimes, they will also blame a change in the weather, or more generally “stress.” So, are these activities the problem? If so, then how can the problem be corrected? Unfortunately, many people consider these problems to be just a part of every day life, and decide to mask the symptoms with medication. This is not a solution, but rather a cover-up.  However, what about the many other people that do the same tasks, and yet do not suffer. Obviously, the fact remains that there is no SOLUTION when the “problem” is activity since we all must continue to live and stay active.

Chiropractic health care is all about finding and correcting the true cause of health problems. Every week, patients testify of how much better they function in their daily lives, and no longer need to restrict their activities to simply “get through the day.” SO, here’s a parting question. If there was no such thing as back pain, how would your life be better or different? Think about the possibilities, and you will better understand how chiropractic health care can have a true impact on your health–now and in the future.