The link between infertility and chiropractic care can give a couple who wants to have a child the hope they need. Research shows that infertile women may be able to benefit from chiropractic care because the spinal adjustments made by the specific chiropractor ensures a “good connection.” It is vitally important that key nerves communicating with the ovaries and other organs in the reproductive system are transmitting properly. Since nerve function and the proper transmission of signals are important to overall good health, it naturally relates to the proper functioning of hormones, ovulation, and menstruation.

A 2003 research study by Dr. Behrendt showed the effects of 14 out of 15 women who became pregnant after receiving chiropractic treatment. The stories of the women vary, but they show a definite link between chiropractic care and infertility.

One of the women was 32 years old and had been without a menstrual cycle for twelve years. Medical infertility treatments had been unsuccessful. However, once she started chiropractic care, she began her menstrual cycle in four months and became pregnant within six months.

Another woman was 26 years old and suffered from scoliosis. Medical fertility treatments failed in helping her become pregnant, but she conceived within seven months of chiropractic care.

While Dr. Behrendt’s research study is not conclusive, it should raise awareness to the link between infertility and chiropractic care. The research should prompt further consideration that both the central nervous system (controlled by the upper cervical spine), and the peripheral nervous systems (the nerves that exit from the remainder of the spine) play a role in fertility. In fact, the spine is where the nerve signals that supply female reproductive organs are located. Dr. Sooley has seen many women over the years start chiropractic care and become pregnant within 4-6 months.

Chiropractic care for infertility is becoming better understood and accepted–even in the mainstream. It is reflected on the website of the American Pregnancy Association, which refers to the function of the nervous system and the link between infertility and chiropractic care. The website explains that infertility may be linked to several issues, including the improper function of the nervous system, inadequate nutrition, stress levels, and lifestyle choices. The site also suggests chiropractic care and traditional fertility treatments can bolster the chances for success in medical procedures, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF).

The link between infertility and chiropractic care should be carefully considered by any women that is having concerns with infertility. It is a cost-effective method and research has provided evidence of success. If you or someone you know is dealing with infertility, share this information and consider visiting our office for an initial consultation and specific chiropractic exam. WE are here to help.