For years, I’ve considered the importance of an online presence. Finally, technology has made it a MUST to keep in better communication with you, my beloved patients, as well as the public at large. As a first post, I wanted to focus a bit on what I hope to provide with this blog and why would you want to regularly read it.

Often in the office, I would like to share current happenings relating to the practice or patient care. Almost continuously, there are exciting patient success stories or case studies to share. Frequently, I’ll be asked the same question about current happenings concerning health (example: Swine flu outbreak; Obamacare health care reform, etc). These are some of the reasons why a blog will be important.

Our purpose statement for the last 10+ years has been to “restore and maintain the health of our community through natural chiropractic…” Yet, we often find that there is a blockage in the communication of the health message from office to patient to others that are suffering in the community. We are expecting this to be a great way to spread the message of chiropractic.

I welcome your feedback…PLEASE! As I post from time-to-time, your comments will fuel my commitment to bringing you the very best that chiropractic health care has to offer.