Have you ever wondered if chiropractic can help you?  Most of the time, it takes people a very long time to actually come into the office and have their very first chiropractic check-up.  Perhaps you wonder if your problem is too severe, or too simple.  You may wonder if your problem can even be helped or if you really have to “learn to live with it.”  But, the first thing you should realize about chiropractic is that no chiropractor can possibly cure you!

Yes, you read that correctly.  The reason is that ONLY YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF.  You were given a body that CAN AND WILL heal itself; however, your body has needs that must be met.  For instance, a garden starts with a bunch of seeds.  If each seed has everything it needs (fertilized soil, water, sunshine), it will grow.  However, if you take away EVEN ONE of those elements, then a plant can not be healthy and will eventually die.

Your body is no different.  Chiropractic restores one very important vital need–that is, the vital need of a consistent and optimal nerve flow between your brain and each cell of your body.  Without this connection, your body cannot possibly be healthy.  So, can a chiropractor heal you?  Nope.  Only your body can heal itself–BUT only when it has the proper connection.