brain stemDid you know that there are over a hundred different chiropractic techniques taught at chiropractic colleges across the United States? Did you know that each chiropractor practices somewhat differently than the next based upon the technique chosen to use in their practice as well as their schooling?

How do we say it without “tooting our own horn”?  Our office is different.  We’ve heard that from experienced patients for years.  Are you ready to experience it?  Perhaps you have concerns or questions and don’t know how to ask.  We hope this article will help you to better understand our approach.

During your initial visit, you will be provided with a few registration and medical history forms by our office staff (most also available on this website).  After completing these items, Dr. Sooley will meet with you and conduct an in-depth consultation discussing such items as:

  • The primary condition including the length and severity of it and any traumas that may have started it
  • Other chronic health problems that may be related or impact the choice or appropriateness of your care
  • Positions or circumstances that make your condition or symptoms better or worse
  • Changes to activities of daily living or restrictions in performing tasks and hobbies
  • Any secondary conditions or problems that may also need to be addressed

You may also be asked about any pre-existing medical conditions or prior injuries, your family’s medical history, and other treatments you have received from health care providers. Once completed, you will receive a thorough chiropractic examination with a special emphasis on the spine. and its related structures.

Depending upon the condition, an examination may include certain tests to assess the range of motion of the injured or painful body part, muscle tone and strength, and neurological integrity. Additional diagnostic studies such as X-rays or laboratory tests may be performed or recommended.

The medical history, physical examination and diagnostic tests all help to determine a specific diagnosis and also rule out other conditions better addressed by a different professional. On your next visit, Dr Sooley will explain the diagnosed condition to you and also determine if you are a candidate for chiropractic care.  If so, you will have the opportunity to receive a first adjustment to evaluate your initial response to chiropractic care.  A customized treatment plan may then be developed to address your condition.  Both short- and long-term goals for your treatment will be discussed, and additional therapies may be recommended for future visits, such as:

  • Application of heat or cold to affected areas (typically at-home care)
  • Massage and stretching
  • Modalities to speed healing of soft tissues and improve pain control, such as electrical stimulation and ultrasound
  • Rehabilitative and general exercise to improve muscle balance, strength, and coordination
  • Customized foot orthotics to help balance your foundation
  • Lifestyle counseling about healthy eating,

To give you the best care, Dr Sooley will periodically evaluate your progress to determine how you are responding and to keep your treatment plan efficient and moving forward.  If you are suffering needlessly, chiropractic may be exactly what you have been missing.  Call our office today to schedule your appointment, and we will be happy to help you find out.